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Citrus Spa prides itself on providing the very best services using products of only the highest quality.  Aveda’s Elemental Nature  products gives us natural tools to promote your sense of well-being and heal your skin with the five elements: infinity, air, fire, water and earth.  These treatments focus on rejuvenating your skin and your soul while healing the damage from emotional and environmental stressors.



Perfecting Plant Peel             

Our facial masque will actively smoothen and retexurize your skin with the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel, and without the associated redness and irritation. It warms skin, helping to open pores. Recommended for all skin types.

45 min – $65

Tulasara Radiant Awakening Facial

Tulasara means moving toward balance, inspired by Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic approach to healthy, balanced skin in both men and women. Dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin conditions and eye concerns can all be addressed with a customized Tulasara™ facial treatment. After a thorough consultation, your skin therapist will provide the best combination of products, personalized Aveda aromas and techniques. We will design a customized treatment that will move your skin toward balance and reveal its natural beauty.

60 min – $135

Tulasara Dual Exfoliation Peel

Dual exfoliation Peel delivers immediate visible results, In a clinical study the Dual Exfoliation Peel achieved better results than a combined microdermabrasion/30% glycolic peel. showing Improvement in hydration, moisturization, radiance, reduced appearance of dry, fine lines, nourishment, conditioning and microcirculation with massage.

60 min – $130

75 min – $150


Skin Tightening Facial Treatment

Advance Result Facial
Mini Facial + Skin Tightening by Venus Legacy treatments
• Skin analysis
• Cleanse, scrub, and steam
• Lift, tighten, and firm skin
• Improved collagen growth

60 min – $190


Purifying Back Facial

A deep cleansing back treatment designed for those hard to reach areas. Your back and shoulders will be thoroughly exfoliated with deep cleansing of pores finished with a deep cleansing of the pores and finished will leave the skin refined and smooth.

60 min – $95



IPL (Photo Facial)

Venus Versa Photo Facial – reduces visible signs of premature aging, such as sun damage, brown spots, visible veins, discoloration, and fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is powered by Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with SmartPulse™ technology that delivers precise light through several layers of skin. This generates heat when absorbed by the targeted tissue, which corrects imperfections in the skin without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. A real-time cooling system works to keep your skin protected throughout treatment.     Treatment starting at – $255



Dermafrac Microdermabration

DermaFrac is an exciting new treatment combining micro-needling and deep tissue serum infusion. The micro-needling will promote and stimulate collagen production to plump up the skin and together with the anti-ageing infusion serum of powerful peptides and anti-oxidants, this combination treatment will also give you a noticeable refinement in skin texture and pore size

30+ min – $100

with Infusion – $200


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